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    5 Go-to teethers for your little ones!

    Anywhere from the first few months of age through their first year, babies are often Teething. Parents often search the child’s mouth for their first teeth by rubbing their hands along their gums, looking and feeling for newly emerging teeth and our confused how to soothe their child as the process starts and the babies feel uncomfortable. This is where Teethers are of immense help.



    Gum Massagers- Zoli



    Zoli has a range of teethers to ease discomfort in a baby while encouraging early dental hygiene habits. They are BPA and phthalate-free while having soft textured top for sore gums. Vibrantly colored, enabled with safety shield and an easy to handle design makes this as a soft and secure choice for your little one.


    Wooden Teethers – Little Rawr



    Little Rawr has Baby Teether Toys, that help your child to progress a grasping reflex and teething pain. This is an Eco-friendly teether option for your baby to bite the ring-shaped toy to soothe their aching gums and encourages the grasping reflex.  It does not let the dust settle on it, provides relief to aching gums and as acts as a safe toy to play with as well.


    Teething Toys- Little Rawr



    Teething rings made out of food-grade silicone from Little Rawr is another great option for a toy and a teether in one unique product. Available in three different geometric shapes- circle, square, and triangle, they assist in gum relief, jaw development, and sensory exploration which help in the development of fine motor skills for baby. They are all organic and ideal for children to begin their play with.


    Beaded Pacifinder Clip- Little Rawr



    Little Rawr silicone teething strings are made food-grade silicone and come with three different geometric shapes- circle, square, and triangle. Being completely safe, it is a great learning tool for toddlers and used by Montessori schools and daycare centers to keep your child engaged with fun.


    Teething Spoon- Miniware



    Made with Silicone, the Miniware Teething spoons are a godsend for parents when babies learn to feed themselves. In the earliest stages of teething and independent eating, these spoons allow gums relief while also assisting in improved grasping technique.


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