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    Best fork and spoon for baby

    A Parent’s Guide to the Best Fork & Spoon for Babies

    One of the key choices that parents make about the kind of cutlery they get for their kids has some serious impact on the child’s self-feeding practices! That is why it is important for parents to know all about the best forks & spoons for babies, best baby cutlery sets to ensure that they don’t miss out on any self-feeding milestone that the baby is about to achieve!

    Handling utensils and using them for self-feeding engages a child’s grasping reflex and makes them control their environment better. As research suggests, children usually start using (or playing) with spoons, forks, plates in a more coordinated manner by the time they are 7-8 months. However, there have been cases where the children have started using ‘pre-spoons’ by the time they were 5-6 months only and there are always instances where children begin to use utensils a little later! Everything is fine as long as they are using the best eco-friendly baby products!

    Research suggests that children who master the art of self-feeding grow up to be more independent, self-sufficient adults. It’s important to instil the practice of self-feeding in your child. This is because it not only helps them become more self-reliant but also eases their transition into the next phase of childhood development!

    Starting out the self-feeding training with the best forks and spoons for babies is a great idea because it improves the child’s motor skills & they gradually become better at coordinating their fine muscles for other activities, too!

    With the vast choices that every parent is exposed to while choosing the best forks and spoons for babies, we are here to help you out in making that crucial choice. After reviewing & testing multiple products, we can conclude that going eco-friendly and using plastic-free baby products is the most preferred choice of parents all over the world! It is important that parents take care of what they allow into their children’s mouths, especially during times like these!

    Sohii India houses an exhaustive range of the best eco-friendly baby products in India. Through its brand Miniware, Sohii India has launched the choicest collection of Cutlery Fork & Spoon. The collection has the best forks and spoons for babies in a variety of soothing colours and comes with an easy-to-clean EVA carry pouch.

    Sohii’s Cutlery Fork & Spoon has been designed just for your little one’s comfort. With rounded handles that make it an easy grasp for kids to anti-slip notches that prevents the forks & spoons from slipping from the plate’s edge and making a mess on the dining table! Make your kid’s first cutlery set special by investing in the right material (which means that make sure the ingredients used for the cutlery set are BPA, BPS, or PVC-free!).

    The highlight that makes this particular set the best forks and spoons for babies is that it is made up of 100% natural plant-based ingredients. Which not only protects your kid but also makes you an ‘Environment Superhero’!
    Sohii aims to provide the best baby cutlery sets to make your little ones pros when it comes to self-feeding!

    Visit our online store to know more about the best forks and spoons for babies!

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