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    3 day old baby feeding

    Are there any products for 3 day old baby feeding?

    Every new mom understands the importance of feeding their baby the right supplements and nutrients. Proper infant nutrition supports growth, development, resistance to diseases and infections, and overall protection of a baby. A diet with a sufficient amount of minerals, calories, vitamins and fluids is considered an adequate diet. After the baby reaches a certain age, introducing the concept of self-feeding becomes a priority. Self-feeding develops fine motor skills and increases sensory abilities in a child. But a child needs to reach an age of at least 6 months and above to learn self-feeding skills. It is nearly impossible to find products that support a 3 day old baby feeding!

    For beginners, you need to understand that when a baby is born, their stomach size is that of a cherry. A 3 day old baby’s stomach is 4 times larger than a one day old and constantly needs milk to overcome the hunger pangs. According to WHO, it is highly advisable to breastfeed the baby until they turn 6 months old. Breastfeeding ensures the overall protection of your little one against allergies, diseases, sickness and various infections. And hence, there are no specific products available in the market which can cater to a 3 day old baby feeding product since they are highly sensitive and require only breast milk.

    It is worthy to note that if you are thinking of using products that support a 3 day old baby feeding, there are many disadvantages involved. The risk of infection is higher as microorganisms or bacterias stick on these products and transmit with reuse. It can be highly dangerous to feed the baby with unsterilised or uncleaned products as it can result in diarrhoea. So, we would suggest that you avoid using any products that support a 3 year old baby feeding and only breastfeed them. 

    However, for babies above 4 months, there is a wide variety of baby feeding products available with us and in the market over something for 3 day old baby feeding. We at Sohii India, aimed at bringing together the forces of innovation and quality to provide our customers with the best eco friendly baby products. We work towards identifying potential, new and innovative products for the Indian market in the Baby, Beauty & Healthcare segment.

    Sohii India is a subdivision of Maiden Distributors. We distribute the finest international baby care brands to provide style, care, and premium innovative baby products for modern-age infants in India.

    For your little one, choose Silicone Fresh Food Feeder. Made from food-grade silicone, this feeder is easy to clean, gentle on the baby’s gums and is dishwasher safe. Let your toddlers enjoy cool steamed veggies, melons, soft fruits etc. in a safe and fun way!

    The unique tripod design helps bubs hold the feeder effortlessly. It is really easy to use, too! Simply fill the silicone feeder with food, twist the click-lock ring to pop back and enjoy.  It is super easy to clean and comes with a hygiene cap to keep the feeder clean.

    Finding a product for 3 day old baby feeding might be a task, but for little ones above 4 months, we have a plethora of options. All our products are 100% plastic-free with no BPA, BPS or PVC. We thrive on providing a platform that can cater to all the needs of our customers. From the best eco friendly sippy cup to the best eco friendly baby toys, infant feeding, bottles & sippers, Bibs, teethers, gum massagers, baby cutlery setsset and many similar products, we are your one-stop shop for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Take a step towards a healthy change. Choose from a range of the best eco-friendly baby products with Sohii India. We bring to you products that celebrate the joy of being a parent. Join our family today!

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