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    Best first straw cup for baby

    Best First Straw Cup For Baby!

    Introducing your babies to the concept of drinking from a Straw Cup can be a task. From rejecting to learn altogether to creating mess, expect some trouble. But despite the trouble that they create, it is important that once they cross 6 months of age, they learn this important skill. In this blog, we are going to share some tips on how you can teach your kids about drinking from a Straw Cup and also we’ll be talking about the best first straw cup for baby available in the market. 

    First things first, we know introducing your baby to the concept of Straw Cups can be overwhelming but with patience and the right plan, there would be less fuss. 

    To begin with, demonstrate to your kids how to use a Straw Cup [we have provided the link for the best first straw cup for baby in the later section of this blog] and immediately give them the cup to try at the same time. Kids learn by seeing and practically doing, once you equip them with the knowledge, it would take less time and effort. 

    Train your kids by giving them the best first straw cup for baby [lids closed], put the straw to your little munchkin’s mouth and teach them to squeeze the same. The water in the cup will shoot right into their mouth. Repeat the same procedure slowly every day with patience. In no time, you will see that with consistency, your child will start loving drinking from a Straw Cup! 

    Now, let us talk about the best first straw cup for baby. 

    For your baby, try Straw Sippy Cup. It is the best first straw cup for baby that is available in the market. What makes it unique is the fact that it has a weighted straw that moves with the liquid. So, now whatever angle the cup has been tilted, the straw will move in the same direction and will ensure easy drinking! Our redesigned straw has a unique two-way valve that ensures no leaks and hassle-free drinking, even with warm water. It is the perfect cup for home and on the go! 

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