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    One-month-old baby feeding

    Best products for one-month-old baby feeding needs

    A child’s well-being is the most important aspect for any parent. Whether it’s a newborn kid or an adult, a parent wouldn’t ever stop caring for their child no matter what age! And when it is about choosing the right products for your little one, we are sure you would want nothing but the best. But before we even begin, the top question is that should you even use any products at all for a one-month-old baby feeding?

    Major Paediatricians suggest feeding the baby with just breast milk for the initial 6 months. Their stomach is tiny and breast milk is [and should be] the [only] major source of nutrients and fluids for little ones. It is also noteworthy that if you introduce any products for one-month-old baby feeding, it might come with a lot of disadvantages.

    If you don’t sterilize them properly, microorganisms might stick on these unclean surfaces and they might come out to become transmitters of infection and diseases. Your little one can be prone to diarrhea at an early and tender age and that can be a very difficult situation to handle. So, we would highly suggest that you don’t introduce any product for one-month-old baby feeding.

    Finding a product for one-month-old baby feeding can be a task but if you wait for them to reach the age of 4 months, you will have a plethora of options. Plus, by that age, they will be well off in handling these products. With increasing age, your little one will understand the do’s and don’t of these products and you will not have to assist them every now and then. Also, understand here that whenever you are introducing feeding products to your kids, learn to stay patient and let your kids take one step at a time. 

    One-month-old baby feeding is a strict NO from our side but for kids above the age of 4 months, you can choose from a wide variety of products offered by Sohii. We are a company based out of India and a sub-division of Maiden Distributors. We work day-in and out to bring the best International Brands onboard that offer unique and best-in-class product offerings.

    From the Best eco-friendly sippy cup to the Baby Cutlery Sets, Infant feeding, Bottles & Sippers, Bibs, Suction Plates &  Bowls for Baby, Teethers, Gum Massagers, Best Eco-Friendly Baby Toys, and many similar products, we are your one-stop-shop for sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Take a step towards a healthy change. Choose from a range of the best eco-friendly baby products with Sohii. We bring to you products that celebrate the joy of being a parent. Join our family today!

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