Back to School: Packing Healthy and Fun Lunches with Sohii's Lunch Boxes

Back to School: Packing Healthy and Fun Lunches with Sohii's Lunch Boxes

The back-to-school season has arrived with its flurry of activities. Everything from shopping for cute school supplies to adjusting to new routines of your little one is an exciting task for both the parents and the baby but is also equally challenging. Among the many other difficult tasks on a parent's checklist, packing lunch boxes that are both tasty and nutritious is a top priority. But don't worry, while it may seem a little challenging to strike a perfect lunch that equally balances nutrition and enjoyment, it is possible to create a wholesome and fun lunch box.

What is the importance of a balanced lunch box?

Childhood is the age of overall growth and development of children, and thus including a balanced meal of a variety of essential food items in their lunch ensures that they receive the proper nutrition and vitamins that are required according to their age. A healthy meal not only fulfills the nutritional need of the child for physical growth but is also important to develop proper cognitive functioning and achieve milestones at an optimum age.

Tips for packing healthy and exciting lunches


Get creative with the presentation 

Visual appeal is crucial in enticing children to enjoy their lunch meal. Kids love to see colorful and fun shapes; thus, getting creative with presentations makes a significant difference. You can use cookie cutters to give food items such as sandwiches, fruits, and breads exciting shapes. When the lunch looks fun and appealing, it stimulates kids' curiosity and thus makes them excited about trying a variety of new food. In addition to that, a creatively presented lunch can be an ice-breaker in conversations among peers, fostering positive social interaction and encouraging healthy eating habits.

Get your child involved

When you involve your child in the meal preparation process, it gives them a sense of self-accomplishment and ownership over their lunch, making them more excited and willing to finish the lunch box. This also helps you better understand their food preferences, such as their favorite fruit, items they like or dislike, etc. Discussing different food options together also increases their knowledge about healthy eating habits. Furthermore, you can involve them in cooking, giving them simple tasks like washing fruits and vegetables. You never know; your kid might grow up to become a world-class chef one day.

Make it bite-size and snackable

Portioning meal in proper bite sizes makes it easier for the kids to enjoy lunch with their little hands. Kids have tiny attention spans, and thus, keeping them seated to appreciate a complete meal takes a lot of work. Cutting fruits and vegetables in bite-sizes and snackable forms, such as making vegetable sticks with a dip made of yogurt or hummus or adding the crunch of nuts, seeds, and cashews, breaks down a meal into satisfying snack options. Portioning food is very important, and thus to ensure that your kid is properly fed, you can get specially designed lunch boxes that will allow you to divide meals into proper and eatable portions.

Finding the right lunch box for your kid

Finding the right lunch box for kids is essential to ensure their meals stay fresh, organized, and enjoyable throughout the day. Here are some popular lunch box designs at Sohii that bring convenience to both parents and kids. lunch box lilac pop purple

Introducing the wholesome solution to kids' school-time meals: a flexible and convenient lunch box having large compartments, a fruit holder to adjust whole fruit, a leak-proof seal for wet foods, and a cooling pack underneath to keep the food fresh and cool for long. Its easy-to-open latch and handle let your kid enjoy their mid-day meal without any hassle. Designed with convenience and nutrition in mind, the lunch box lilac pop purple by Sohii offers a complete solution for parents and kids alike. 

Miniware grow bento lunch box set

Perfect lunch box for kids of all ages! With a miniware grow bento lunch box set, adapt to your child's needs effortlessly. The large compartment can easily carry up to 4 silipods securely, giving the best meal storage option for a variety of food in your kids' daytime meals. The cute and versatile design of this miniware grow bento lunch box set allows the parents to customize the lunchtime meal according to the child's preferences and portion sizes, making it suitable for growing appetites. 

Insulated water bottle

Take care of your child's hydration needs with an insulated water bottle. These insulated bottles keep your kid's beverages cool and refreshing for extended periods, keeping them hydrated throughout the school day. These smartly designed insulated bottles help maintain the drink temperature, whether it's drinking water, flavored drinks, or your kid's favorite beverage. With its leak-proof design and variety of fun colors to choose from, an insulated water bottle is a practical and stylish way to ensure that your kid stays well hydrated.


Packing a healthy and fun lunch for your kid ensures that they are well-fed as they enjoy the nutritious meal that fuels their energy, supports their growth, and promotes healthy eating habits. Sohii's lunch boxes provide the perfect combination of functionality, convenience, and fun, making lunchtime a fun and delightful experience for parents and kids.





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