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    Innovative and Safe Baby Essentials for Modern Parents

    Modern parents that babies put everything in their mouths, and thus you want to ensure what they get their hands on is safe. So the things babies are allowed to put in their mouths, like their baby feeding utensils should be a 100% safe and devoid of any toxic materials. Parents of this generation want the feeding utensils to be innovative, easy-to-carry and completely organic so that they do not have to worry about what their child is consuming.


    Choosing a baby
    feeding utensil or teether that’s both safe for your baby to use and kind to
    the planet is a win-win.

    Feeding utensils should thus be:


    • Soft in use with no sharp edges
    • Made of Natural and Sustainable materials
    • Should not contain PVC,BPA, Phthakates and other toxic materials
    • Easy to carry

    Keeping these factors in mind, Sohii presents a range of brands and their products which don’t have to compromise health for functionality and are safe and organic from the most innovative and celebrated international brands. These plates, dishes, teethers, sippy cups and utensils are all durable enough to withstand a temper tantrum from your little one but are soft in use and made from safe materials as well. With fun shapes and colours, they will be your child’s favourite!


    Little Rawr



    Little Rawr creates modern eco-friendly baby products designed with your little cub in mind. Non-toxic silicone and natural wood combine to create a sensory delight for your child. With the textural combination of soft silicone with sustainable, chemical-free wood all products are both harmless and safe for your little ones to chew and play with as they do not contain PVC, BPA, phthalates or other toxic materials.






    Miniware solves problems facing modern parents who wish to raise healthy, independent, self-feeders. The innovative design provides a secure, safe surface for feeding. All materials are natural, sustainable, with an emphasis on long-wear and dishwasher-safe! Miniware incorporates natural, sustainable, long-lasting materials and beautiful design into a feeding solution for today’s parent and child.





    ZoLi is a USA based company started in 2008 with the goal to create safe, innovative products that meet the challenges of modern parenting. Over the years, the company has grown and the product line has expanded. However, core vision remains the same – to provide innovative and safe solutions.


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