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    The best teething toys for babies

    The best teething toys for babies: material, make and certifications

    For parents, teething is an extremely exciting event. It is when teething starts that one can expect their kids to develop their pearly whites. On average, kids start with their teething journey when they turn around 6 months old. Teething causes lots of pain and irritability to the little ones. Symptoms like fussiness, drooling, refusing to eat, and general irritability start one or two months before the tooth appears. In this blog, we will talk about how you can tackle your baby’s teething situation efficiently and will inform you about the best teething toys for babies.

    The first and the most important thing to understand here is that while your little one is teething, you need to take extra care of what you allow into his/her mouth and only use the best teething toys for babies. A teether toy is widely used by parents to relieve their kids from souring pain. Teethers are an excellent way to control your baby’s irritability by giving them something they can chew on.

    Normally the teether toys available in the market are made of soft PVC Plastics. These toys can put your baby’s health in danger as they contain phthalates and compounds which constitute a risk factor for cancer, liver conditions, and infertility. Such teethers are surely not the best teething toys for babies. The major point of concern in teether toys is the fact that spend a lot of time in your kids’ mouth and hence you need to be extra careful in choosing the right teether for your little one.

    Choose the best teething toys for babies with Sohii. We at Sohii India, aimed at bringing together the forces of innovation and quality to provide our customers with the best eco-friendly baby products. We work towards identifying potential, new and innovative products for the Indian market in the Baby, Beauty & Healthcare segment.

    Sohii India is a sub-division of Maiden Distributors. We distribute the finest international baby care brands to provide style, care, and premium innovative baby products for modern-age infants in India.

    For your little one, choose Little Rawr Silicone & Wood Teethers. These teethers are the best teething toys for babies as they are made with 100% organic oak wood and high-grade BPA, PVC Free Silicone. This will cut down your major worry of letting in toxic ingredients in your little ones’ mouth. Wood and Silicone are harmless and soft & soothing on tender gums.

    They are built to last through years and their design lets the baby hold them easily.  The best part about these teethers is the fact that they comply with the applicable ASTM, CFR & EU standards. These are indeed the best teething toys for babies

    Apart from having the best natural teething toys, we have a plethora of options for other child-care products, too. We thrive on providing a platform that can cater to all the needs of our customers. From the best eco friendly sippy cup to the best eco friendly baby toys, infant feeding, bottles & sippers, Bibs, teethers, gum massagers, baby cutlery set, and many similar products, we are your one-stop-shop for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Take a step towards a healthy change. Choose from a range of the best eco-friendly baby products with Sohii India. We bring to you products that celebrate the joy of being a parent. Join our family today!

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