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    lunch box for primary school

    Tips on choosing the right lunch box for primary school kids!

    Wondering about how to choose the right lunch box for primary school kids? Don’t worry. We have your back. We understand that a good lunch box paves way for a happy kid. When a kid is fed well, they are not only energetic but also grasps information better. In this blog, we are going to share some tips on choosing the right lunch box. Read on!

    Tips on choosing the right lunch box for primary school kids!

    The following pointers will help you choose the right lunch box for primary school kids!

    • Durability: The first and foremost thing that you should look out for before buying any lunch box is ‘durability’. You would want to make sure that the lunch box that you are buying will remain intact no matter what. You can’t expect primary school kids to use their lunch boxes and bottles with utmost care. And hence, it is your responsibility that you buy them lunch boxes that are durable and strong enough. 
    • Capacity: Another major pointer to look out for when buying lunch box for primary school kids is its ‘capacity’. Once you focus on this point, you will be surprised when you will check for yourself the amount of variation that the market has for food lunch boxes. Try and buy lunch boxes that fit the requirement of your baby’s diet. Not too much and not too little, choosing just the right amount is the key. 
    • Temperature Control: You would want your baby’s lunch box to keep food at the proper temperature. If you don’t want the food to taste bad, then while choosing the lunch box for primary school kids, look out for temperature control. Go ahead with lunch boxes with insulated containers or built-in ice packs. This way, you would ensure that your baby’s lunch box will remain hot or cold for a longer period. 
    • Appearance: While choosing the lunch box for primary school kids, please look out for this factor. Since we are talking about smaller age group kids, you must choose lunch boxes that look great appearance wise. Try and buy lunch boxes with your kid’s favourite cartoon character and colours. 

    For your little one, choose Mini Lunch Box. This is the perfect match to your quest of finding the right lunch box for primary school kids. It is not just durable but also has a plenty of space inside. The flexi ‘whole food’ holder lets you fit large fruits inside the lunch box without much problem. You can pack a mixture of dry and wet foods together with our ‘2 leak-proof’ compartments. With removable divider, you can easily slide and adjust compartments without any problem. 

    Whether you are looking for best daycare lunch box or lunch box for primary school kids, this is your answer!

    We hope you found this blog useful. 

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