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About Us

SOHII was born with the goal of bringing new, innovative & modern products to the Indian market. The idea behind the conception of Sohii was to bridge the gap between the international brands and Indian consumers especially 'Indian Mothers'.

It was clearly noticed that the choices and quality of products available right now in the market are quite less. Based in Delhi, India, Sohii is an international trading company with two offices in Delhi.

We Are Exclusive Partners of International Brands

Exclusive Partners

We carry unique, well-designed, innovative and established brands to the Indian market. The brand selection is a rigorous process for Sohii to only bring the ones which are of the finest quality. Each minor detail is taken care of before a brand is finalized for the Indian Market.

Our portfolio includes Baby products, skincare & cosmetics and Healthcare products. Products are selected in a way that each brand complements the other.

Making Parenting Easy

A Mom & Pop Story

Both passionate for work and family, Sohii is the creation of duo Soumya and Abhay. After the birth of their first child, it was exciting time but daunting ds well. As parents they wanted to give the best of the products to their kid and at the same time wanted to find out eco-friendly, functional and sustainable baby products.

Very soon they realised that there was an evident gap between the demands of Modern (Millennial) Indian parents and availability of the products in the market. They wanted to find a solution where international brands can be made accessible and also at a reasonable price. With this idea SOHII was born with a goal of bringing new, innovative & modern products to Indian market.