How To Travel With Kids And Keep Sanity Intact?

How To Travel With Kids And Keep Sanity Intact?

Whether you are a first time parent or have been through the wringer a few times with your kids, the age-old question of "how do I travel with my kid" inevitably pops up. The car seat, the plane seat, the train seat; and don't forget about the stroller. Do you need a stroller? Can you get by without one? How do you even begin to pick the right stroller when there are so many on the market?


The answer is, of course, it depends. It depends on your child, your travel plans, and most importantly, your parenting style. In this blog post, we'll explore the various options available to parents travelling with young children and offer some tips on how to choose the right stroller for your needs.

Now the question rises…


What are the best strollers for travel?


There are a plethora of stroller options on the market, ranging from lightweight, simple strollers to large, feature-filled strollers. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences and travel plans. Here are some of the most popular strollers for travel:


  1. Lightweight strollers - Lightweight strollers are designed to be easily collapsible and foldable, making them great for travel. They often weigh less than 15 pounds, and some versions can even weigh less than 10 pounds!


  1. Compact strollers - These strollers are perfect for those who may need more features than those of a lightweight stroller, but still need something small and easy to transport. Compact strollers often have a higher weight capacity and have more storage options.


  1. Jogging strollers - Jogging strollers are perfect for the active parent who wants to take their little one on their next marathon. Jogging strollers are designed to navigate different terrain and have greater stability while they run.


  1. Umbrella strollers - Umbrella strollers are popular for those looking for a more lightweight, compact stroller. These strollers typically have a soft frame that can be easily collapsed for storage or transportation.


Ultimately, the best stroller for travel is the one that best suits your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. When scouting out the best stroller for your travels, make sure to take into consideration your destination, cabin or transportation restrictions, and luggage


Why is a travel stroller important?


Choosing the right travel stroller is essential when traveling with kids. A stroller can help keep your child safe and comfortable during long trips, while also saving you from back strain from carrying a small child for long periods of time.


Strollers also make it much easier to navigate public transport and airports, as it becomes much easier to carry luggage and other items. For example, if you’re taking a plane, having a stroller that can fold up easily to fit in the overhead compartment can be a lifesaver. 

Finally, a travel stroller is great for sightseeing and visiting attractions. With a stroller, you can keep your child comfortable and safe, and it can also be used to carry items such as snacks and drinks. Having a stroller also makes it much easier to navigate busy cities and can even help you get to places faster.


What are the benefits of using a travel stroller?


Using a travel stroller provides a range of benefits for both children and parents. first and foremost, it helps keep children safe. A stroller provides a secure place for them to sit and ride comfortably in crowded areas, eliminating the risk of being accidentally separated from their parents in a busy airport or street.


It can also provide an extra layer of support while they are still so small. The stroller makes exploring new places more comfortable for them and allows them to get a better view of their surroundings.


Additionally, a stroller can help children develop independence. It allows them to be out and about, with parents still close by for security. Plus, some models feature accessories that allow kids to develop a sense of responsibility and learn. Finally, a travel stroller can simplify life with small children and prevent injury caused by carrying them for long periods of time.


How to choose the best travel stroller for your family


Choosing the best travel stroller for your family comes down to a few factors, such as the size and weight, the type of terrain, and your individual needs.


First and foremost, consider size and weight. Make sure the stroller is compact enough to fit into the airplane, train, or taxi you will be taking and lightweight enough to carry.


Also, think about the type of terrain you’ll be traversing. Many travel strollers are designed to be all-terrain—meaning they have large wheels designed to cushion and protect your little one from bumps on any surface. Look for a stroller that is easily adjustable, so that you can adapt it depending on the road conditions.


Finally, consider your individual needs versus general features. Do you need accessories like a storage basket, a sun canopy, or a bassinet attachment? Does the stroller fold easily and quickly? Think through your priorities and then make an informed decision.


Tips for using a travel stroller


Once you have decided on a suitable travel stroller for your family, it’s time to start using it. To get the most out of your travel stroller, here are a few tips to remember.


  1. Always fasten your child in the stroller, even when indoors.
  2. Make sure the stroller has no loose parts before each use.
  3. Keep track of the handlebar height, especially if you’re in a place with steep inclines.
  4. Make sure your child’s feet don't dangle in mid-air while in the stroller – their toes should be able to touch the ground.
  5. Always use the brakes when the stroller is parked.
  6. Use the straps provided to secure the stroller in place while traveling in a vehicle.
  7. Apply sunscreen to your child if needed, and provide a sun canopy if your stroller doesn’t already have one.
  8. Bring a blanket for your little one to keep them warm and cozy.
  9. Place a blanket or mat on the stroller if the surface is hot.
  10. Stick to sidewalks or walkways to avoid causing any roadblocks.


To wrap things up


Once you’ve had a great adventure and are wrapping things up with your travel stroller, don’t forget to take all onboard items with you, as well as any special items you’ve taken out of pockets and pouches, such as toys and snacks. To make sure you don’t forget anything, keep a checklist handy and stick to your routine.


When you’re ready to fold the stroller back up, unlock the brake and the handlebar, and ensure the folding mechanism has been properly closed and locked. Return the canopy and other accessories to your trunk, and store the stroller securely. Before putting it away, do a quick wipe-down with a wet cloth for any dirt or spills. You’ll rest easy knowing your stroller is clean and ready for the next adventure.

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