Nutrition Basics for Toddlers: What Parents Need to Know

Nutrition Basics for Toddlers: What Parents Need to Know

Hey there, fellow parents! If you thought the newborn stage was a whirlwind, just wait until you see your little one blossom into a toddler! It is a thrilling time of growth and change, and as always, you will need reliable support. That’s where SOHII and this guide come in.

Hi, I am Soumya Goel, Co-Founder at SOHII. As a mom myself, I understand the challenges (and the joys!) of navigating toddlerhood. That’s why we are here to help you with the best products (ones I wish I’d had!) and expert advice, especially when it comes to the exciting world of toddler nutrition.

This journey can be filled with questions and sometimes uncertainty. That's why I've created this guide – to empower you with knowledge, tips, and the reassurance that you're not alone. Let's tackle toddler mealtimes together!

Understanding Toddlers’ Nutritional Needs

Toddlers' bodies are bustling hubs of growth and development and require a medley of essential nutrients. Think of each nutrient as a vital piece of the puzzle in your tiny superhero's growth.

Proteins are crucial for muscle development, while carbohydrates provide the energy for their endless curiosity and play. Fats play a key role in brain health, and vitamins and minerals ensure a robust immune system and strong bones. Every food group is crucial.

As parents, you must ensure your child fulfills his daily nutritional needs. And while each toddler has unique requirements, there are general guidelines that help ensure balanced nutrition.

What to Include in a Balanced Diet

Fruits & Vegetables

They are natural treasure troves of vitamins, minerals & fiber, and therefore, must be part of any balanced diet. The best food items in this group include:

  • Mangoes – Packed with Vitamins A & C, they boost immunity & eye health. Mangoes are also rich in dietary fiber, which also improves digestion in toddlers.

  • Broccoli – They are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin K, which is essential for bone health.

  • Carrots – High in beta-carotene, crucial for vision. Carrots contain alpha- and beta-carotenes, which are converted into Vitamin A in the body.



Proteins are essential for building and repairing tissues in your toddler’s rapidly growing body and, hence, must be included in a balanced diet. Incorporate these into your toddler’s diet:

  • Lentils (Dal) – Excellent source of plant-based protein, iron, & folate. These are all important for the growth & energy of your little adventurers.

  • Eggs – Eggs are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain development. Also, they are an easy-to-cook protein source.

  • Paneer – This food item is rich in casein protein, which is vital for muscle development and bone health.


Whole Grains

Whole Grains are crucial for providing essential carbohydrates for energy, along with fiber, iron, and B vitamins. The top choices in this category are: 

  • Oats – A rich source of beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber beneficial for heart health.

  • Ragi – This traditional grain in India is a crucial part of a balanced diet. It is rich in dietary fiber and calcium.

  • Whole Wheat Chapati – Provides complex carbs for sustained energy. It also aids in digestion.



Dairy products are vital for calcium, crucial for developing strong bones and teeth in toddlers.

  • Yogurt – Provides probiotics for a healthy gut and is rich in calcium

  • Milk – Milk is the primary source of high-quality protein, calcium, and Vitamin D for toddlers. Having it be a part of the balanced diet is essential for healthy bone growth and development in toddlers.


Also, since toddlers have smaller stomachs, they would need five to six small meals throughout the day. So, parents must plan their meals accordingly. Remember, the goal of meal planning is not just to meet nutritional needs but also to instill healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.


Some Healthy Snack Ideas for Toddlers

Healthy snacks are key to maintaining a toddler’s energy levels and nutritional balance throughout the day. Here are some nutritious and appealing snack ideas for toddlers:

  • Layer yogurt with fresh fruit and a sprinkle of granola for a tasty treat
  • You can offer cut vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, or bell peppers with a side of hummus
  • Pair small pieces of cheese with whole-grain crackers
  • Spread peanut butter on banana slices for a nutrient-rich snack
  • Blend fruits with yogurt or milk for a delicious, drinkable snack

Blending Fun with Nutrition: How SOHII is Revolutionizing Parenting

SOHII is committed to enhancing the parenting experience, making every mealtime a celebration. Founded by me and my husband, SOHII represents the aspirations of parents on a quest for the best for their children.

SOHII also understands that nurturing goes beyond providing a balanced diet; it is about making mealtime enjoyable and engaging for toddlers. The collections at SOHII are aimed at doing that.

Some featured products that you can check out at SOHII:

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The Sohii Promise

Sohii was born from our personal challenge in finding the right products for our boys. We understand the nuances and the need for quality. Every product listed on SOHII is a piece of our experience, our care, and our love, designed to make your parenting journey smoother and more joyful.” - Abhay & Soumya

This journey of parenthood is full of wonderful surprises and sometimes a few challenges. That's why we created SOHII – a community of parents helping parents! Let us make the 'finding the right products' part a whole lot easier. Explore our collection and discover the perfect companions for your toddler – each one carefully curated to make mealtime both nourishing and a source of lasting memories.





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