The SOHII Revolution: Your One-Stop Shop for Parenting Essentials

The SOHII Revolution: Your One-Stop Shop for Parenting Essentials

As a parent, the quest for quality, reliability, and innovation in baby care essentials never ceases. And why should it? Your children deserve the best, and settling for mediocre products that fail to match your standards for your kids is something that just won’t do. Enter Sohii - a brand born out of a similar quest by parents Abhay and Soumya Goel.

But what makes the Sohii the go-to platform for every parent, and why should you buy every parenting essential from this premier e-commerce platform? Let’s find out.

The Beginning of Sohii: From Parenthood to Entrepreneurship

Sohii was born out of the lived experience of Abhay and Soumya, living parents to two boys. They faced a similar challenge to what many new parents face - the difficulty of finding high-quality, reliable products for their children. They scoured through online platforms and brick-and-mortar stores but to no avail. What they found were substandard products that just would not match the high standards they had set.

This struggle was the lightbulb that led to the creation of Sohii in 2019. Their mission? To make parenting easier and more joyful for families across India.

Why Sohii Stands Out

Your One-Stop Shop For Top International Brands

Sohii is the only online store that you need to visit to find products from some of the top brands from every corner of the world. We bring a diverse range of exclusive international brands right to your doorstep. So, say goodbye to the complications of importing products and shop without hassle.

Our Products are Daily Life Saver

Through exclusive partnerships with top international brands, we guarantee only the best products for your family. Every product you see listed on our site is rigorously examined to meet the highest quality standards. At Sohii, we strive to make your life easier - one product at a time.

We Understand Parents because We Are Parents

Sohii was founded by parents Soumya and Abhay Goel, and through their personal experiences and challenges, we understand what exactly parents demand. Our brand offers not just products but effective solutions to make parenting less stressful and more enjoyable.

How Sohii is Changing the Landscape of Parenting in India

Since its foundation, Sohii has been transforming the parenting scene in India day by day. We are bridging the gap between local needs and internal brands.

With Sohii’s high-quality range of products, parents are now able to focus less on the stress of taking care of their child and more on creating cherished memories with their little angels. Sohii makes sure raising children does not feel like a job but more like the joyful journey it is meant to be!

A Trusted Companion

In a market flooded with subpar products that often do more harm than good, Sohii emerges as a beacon of trust. Our mission extends beyond mere sales; we aim to be the trusted companion of every family in this country.

So, Why Choose Sohii?

There is no question that when it comes to making crucial choices for your family, especially for your children, no parent would want to settle for anything less than exceptional. And that is exactly what Sohii offers to parents.

We not only offer an exceptional range of products but also deliver unmatched customer experience - making us the ultimate choice for modern Indian parents.

Here are some of the benefits of shopping from Sohii - 

Exclusive Curations Just for You

Sohii is founded and operated by parents - so we know what is needed. That is why every brand and product featured in our online store is handpicked by our team, ensuring they meet our high standards for quality, safety, and innovation. Just explore our offerings, and you will find our catalog is like no other.

Tailored for Indian Parents

Just because you are buying international brands doesn’t mean you have to make any sort of compromise with their use. Every product listed on our platform is chosen with the Indian family in mind. From the humid climate to the specific needs and preferences of Indian parents, Sohii brings international quality to our shores that feels local.

Affordable Without Compromising Quality

Sohii is built with the premise that one should not have to break the bank to afford quality. That is why you will find that our products are priced reasonably.

With Sohii, top-notch international brands are now accessible to Indian families.

Wrapping Up

Sohii is more than just a brand; it is a solution, a companion, and your go-to source for comfort and quality. Your family deserves the best, and we are here to make sure they get it. Join the Sohii family today - it is not a decision you would ever regret making!





"As a mother of two, I wanted to give the best of the products to my kid and at the same time wanted to find out eco-friendly, functional and sustainable baby products. Very soon I realised that the choices and quality of products available right now in the market are quite less. 

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