First Steps into Parenthood: What to Expect in Your Baby's Initial Months

First Steps into Parenthood: What to Expect in Your Baby's Initial Months

Hey there, fellow parents! First of all, congratulations from all of us at SOHII on embarking on this thrilling journey of parenthood. It will be filled with Ups and Downs, twists and turns every day. You will need a reliable partner to help you during this journey and answer all your queries.

Hi, I am Soumya Goel, Co-Founder at SOHII. SOHII was pioneered with the idea of helping new parents. As a mom myself, I understand those overwhelming first few months and wanted to create a space where you can find the best products (ones I wish I'd had!) and the support you need to feel confident with every step.

Here, I have tried to list practical insights on baby development, tips on how to create a nurturing environment, and also stressed an often-overlooked segment of parenthood - self-care. Let's get right on it, shall we?

Your Baby's World: What to Expect in the first few months

The first few months bring a dramatic shift in your baby. And even though they won't do much more than sleep, cry, and feed, they are developing quite rapidly - both physically and neurologically. Understanding this will empower you to provide the ideal support and environment for your little one to thrive.

They know your voice

Did you know babies recognize voices they heard in the womb? Yes, all the advice that your parents and grandparents gave you about speaking to the baby actually works. Your baby has been able to hear your voice since halfway through the pregnancy. That is why your and even your partner's voices are naturally soothing to them. Don't be shy about talking or singing to your little one - it is not just sweet; it actively helps in their brain development.

Your baby will stare at you (& only you)

Don't be surprised if your baby stares intensely at your face, especially when feeding. A newborn's vision is limited, but they are naturally tuned to focus at about the distance of your face. And those intense stare-downs have a purpose! Every smile, soft expression, and moment of eye contact builds the foundational bonds that make your baby feel safe and loved.

Those piercing cries have a meaning

Newborn babies cry, a lot! However, it is not a signal that you are doing something wrong or even that the baby is in distress. Think of the cry as an alert that your baby needs you. Now, it can be due to hunger, a wet diaper, needing to swaddle, or simply needing a parent to hold them. And what is the reason behind those wails? Think of them as a coded message that you will learn to crack with time. However, don't stress over instantly finding the right solution; patience & and the process of elimination are the best tools for you.

Your Baby will Sleep (a lot!)

Now, this is something you might already be familiar with. Your baby will sleep a lot. The little one's tummy holds very little, thus creating a cycle of sleep, nursing/bottle, brief awake time, and then sleeping again. Your early months in parenthood will involve infrequent feedings around the clock, meaning you will be functioning with broken sleep for a while.

Note that you should always put your little one on their back to sleep. This lowers the risk of SIDS. (Source: NHS)

Your baby will feed, quite often

A concern that many parents have is about how often they should feed their little ones. The answer to that is pretty simple - on demand, whenever they seem hungry. There are some signs that you can look out for to know that it is feeding time, such as:

  • Crying
  • Putting fingers in their mouth
  • Making sucking noises

Typically, you should be feeding your baby after every 2 to 3 hours.


Don't overlook Self-Care

Self-care isn't selfish. You can also take care of your little one if your own well-being isn't compromised. Remember, the transition to parenthood will bring immense change, often accompanied by societal expectations that minimize parental self-care. This won't do. It is imperative that you establish a supportive self-care routine for yourself.

Tips for self-care

  • Follow the 15-minute rule. If the opportunity arises, do something solely for you for at least 15 uninterrupted minutes.
  • Parents dividing nighttime sessions makes a HUGE difference. If possible, one parent can handle overnight feeds while the other gets a solid block of sleep.
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps. Dirty dishes can wait - your depleted system can't! 
  • Sometimes 'Good Enough' is great; forget about picture-perfect laundry or meals
  • Repeat the mantra: "Asking for help doesn't make me a bad parent." Delegating is actually good parenting.
  • Identify small things that soothe your senses (it can be a soft blanket, a favorite song) and keep them close. They can provide you with quick mood boosts.
  • Forget your 'failures'. Tomorrow is a fresh start



Sohii: Building A Community for Parents

SOHII was born from the personal challenges my husband (Abhay Goel) and I faced in finding the right baby care products. We are aware that parenting presents nonstop challenges mixed with extraordinary joy. That is why SOHII isn't just about products - it is about building a community where parents feel understood, supported, and equipped to navigate this incredible journey. From those midnight feeding struggles to celebrating first steps, we are in this together.

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