Little Milestones, Big Joys: Your Early Parenthood Journey

Little Milestones, Big Joys: Your Early Parenthood Journey

Hey there, fellow mamas! Congratulations from all of us at SOHII on this incredible adventure called parenthood. We know it’s a whirlwind of emotion - those overwhelming highs and occasional challenging lows. As a mother myself, I get it.

Hi, I am Soumya Goel, Co-Founder of SOHII. SOHII was pioneered with the idea of helping new parents. We want to make this journey easier, and that’s not just about finding the perfect products (although we love those, too!). Sometimes, it is those little victories that make the biggest difference - things like your baby’s first real smile or them rolling on their own. These are moments to be celebrated.

Here, I have highlighted some key milestones that fellow parents can look forward to in those precious early months. Think of this as your guide to all those “Aha!” moments that fill your heart with pure joy!

Key Milestones in Your Early Parenthood

Milestone #1: Your Little One’s First Real Time (6 to 8 weeks)

Get your camera ready as your little one starts beaming those heart-melting smiles that are meant just for you! This is not just a sign of happiness - it is a signal that your little one is recognizing you. This is the beginning of a deep bond and the beginning of your baby engaging with the world.

Milestone #2: The Sweet Sounds of Cooing and Babbling (2 to 4 months)

Those “goo-goos” and “ga-gas” are music to a parent’s ear! And in the second month of your parenthood, you can hear those adorable sounds. This is your little one experimenting with their voice and practicing the building blocks of language.

Milestone #3: Mini Push-Ups During Tummy Time (2 to 4 months)

Yeah! You will soon see your little superhero proudly lifting their head and chest at their tummy time! It is a significant moment in their development, and these mini push-ups (and yes, we will call them just that!) strengthen their neck & back muscles, preparing them for all the amazing moments to come!

Milestone #4: Rolling with the Changes (4 to 6 months)

As soon as you hit the fourth month of your parenthood, you will suddenly find that your baby isn’t where you left them! This is the start of their roll-over phase, and you need to be ready for that. Make sure your little explorer has a safe space for their adventure!

Milestone #5: Showing the power of grasping (around 6 months)

First, a clumsy raking motion, then a purposeful grasp - get ready for your little superhero to grab everything that comes in their range. Your baby will be grabbing toys, exploring textures, and bringing objects to their mouth for further investigation (keep an eye on that!). Time to get them New born baby toys!

Milestone #6: Time to Sit Tall! (around 6 months)

On the sixth month mark, you will see your baby graduate from being propped up to sitting independently. This opens a whole new world for them! They can see further, will start grabbing for more toys, and begin engaging with you more!

Milestone #7: Early Words (6 to 9 months)

A moment that is eagerly awaited by every parent will happen around 6 to 9 months into your parenthood. Those babbles will start to sound more like “mama”, “dada”, or simple words attached to objects. It is time to celebrate! Encourage them with repetitions, smiles, and by naming the objects they seem interested in.

Milestone #8: Scooting & Shuffling (6 to 9 months)

Before they begin to crawl, your baby will find a new way to get around - by scooting on their bums, shuffling, or even rolling wherever they want to go! Celebrate these moments, and even encourage your little explorer - this fosters a sense of agency and adventure in your baby.

Milestone #9: Pulling to Stand (9 months)

See your baby take support of furniture to start pulling themselves up. It is a thrilling step that precedes those wobbly first steps - they are just around the corner, so get your camera ready! But before that, make sure to childproof the space and offer sturdy surfaces for practice!

Milestone #10: It’s Self-Feeding Time (9 months)

It will be messy, absolutely! But it is time for your baby to explore food with their hands - it is a crucial moment in their development. Offer soft, easily grasped foods and watch them devour (after playing with it a little bit!). This would lay the groundwork for healthy eating habits.

Celebrating the Journey Together

Watching your baby reach these milestones is an incredible moment for every parent. Sure, parenthood can be a challenge, but don’t let it distract you from the wonders that come with being a parent - these milestones are just a reminder of that.

As a mother myself, I am well familiar with the highs & lows of parenting. That is why I have created SOHII, a place that is more than just a place to find safe baby products for new born. SOHII was born from a desire to build a community where parents feel supported and celebrated. Remember it takes a village to raise a child and we are with you every step of the way!





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