New Born Baby Accessories: What You Actually Need (and What to Skip)

New Born Baby Accessories: What You Actually Need (and What to Skip)

Hey, fellow parents! We are back again with another blog focused on your incredible journey in parenthood. I bet you are filled with excitement (and maybe a sprinkle of nervousness). Between outfitting the nursery, picking the perfect crib, and everything else that comes with being a parent, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. As a mother of two little boys, I understand your struggle completely.

Hi, I am Soumya Goel, Co-Founder of SOHII and mom to two little boys. SOHII was pioneered with the idea of helping new parents navigate this beautiful yet oftentimes challenging journey. And today, we are focusing on one aspect: new born baby essentials.

With so many baby products, it can be hard to know what you truly need and what you can skip (at least for now). I am sharing a simple guide to the accessories that will make your early parenting day less stressful and more joyful!

Absolute Must-Haves

Let’s start with what I think are the must-haves for every new parent. These are the non-negotiables, your day-to-day necessities for a happy, healthy baby. Stock up on these before your little one arrives!

Diapering Essentials

      • Diapers: You must start with a couple of packs of newborn-sized diapers. Choose disposable or cloth based on your preference
      • Wipes: Go for unscented, gentle wipes
      • Changing Pad: A waterproof, padded surface will make your diaper change way more comfortable
      • Diaper Cream: Often an underappreciated part of diaper essentials, it will prevent and soothe diaper rash


Feeding Essentials

      • Bottles: Even if you prefer breastfeeding, having a few bottles on hand is smart. Keep a few different nipple sizes to find your little one preference
      • Burp Cloths: Trust me, you will want a stack of these for those messy feeding sessions
      • Breast Pump: This is a must-have! Allow mothers to store milk and enable others to feed the baby

Sleep Essentials

      • Crib (or Bassinet): You must invest in a suitable sleep space that meets your safety standards
      • Firm Mattress: It will be hugely helpful for your baby’s spine
      • Fitted Sheets: Pick up at least two, for when laundry does not happen as planned

Bath Time Essentials

      • Baby Wash: Make sure that you have opted for a gentle, fragrance-free option, keeping your little one’s sensitive skin in mind
      • Bath Chair: A bathtime game changer that you can’t do without! Supports baby safely, letting you focus on the task at hand
      • Soft Washcloths: A couple of soft, absorbent washcloths for gentle cleaning

Outing Essentials

      • Infant Car Seat: I have found this to be an absolute necessity for safe travel, even for short trips
      • Stroller: Another excellent and unmissable new born baby accessory
      • Baby Carrier: Perfect for hands-free bonding and soothing a fussy baby

Useful, but Not Strictly Necessary

Now that we have looked at the absolute must-haves for every new parent let’s turn our heads on some items that might not be necessary, but they do add a layer of ease & comfort for both the parents and the baby.


      • White Noise Machine: This creates a gentle hum of noise in your baby’s room, masking disruptive sounds and creating a soothing sleep environment.
      • A baby monitor: No matter how much you try, you cannot be present with your baby 24 x 7. A baby monitor will allow you to have a peace of mind even when you are in a different room
      • Nasal Aspirator: Babies are prone to stuffy noses; a suitable nasal aspirator can be hugely beneficial here
      • Nursing Pillow: If breastfeeding, having a supportive pillow will be a lifesaver for your comfort

Remember, every baby is different, and what works for one might not be necessary for another. These are helpful tools, but don't feel pressured to buy them all!


Skip These (For Now!)

      • Fancy Outfits: Don't get me wrong, there's nothing better than a baby in an adorable outfit! But your newborn will grow out of clothes surprisingly quickly, so you would be better off sticking with cozy onesies, sleepers, etc.
      • Baby shoes: These are adorable, but those little feet don’t need shoes for quite a while
      • Baby Bedding Sets: A simple fitted sheet is the safest option



There you have it - a simple list of exactly what new born baby accessories you actually need. Remember, parenthood is simple when you focus on the essentials. Having the right tools, like those listed above, removes some of the stress and lets you truly savor those irreplaceable early moments with your little one. The cuddles, the first smiles, the quiet amazement of watching them discover the world – these are what matter most!





"As a mother of two, I wanted to give the best of the products to my kid and at the same time wanted to find out eco-friendly, functional and sustainable baby products. Very soon I realised that the choices and quality of products available right now in the market are quite less. 

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