How to Plan a Stress-Free Summer Vacation with Your Toddler (+4 Tips for Smooth Traveling)

How to Plan a Stress-Free Summer Vacation with Your Toddler (+4 Tips for Smooth Traveling)

Hey there, fellow parents! Summer is calling, and I bet you are dreaming of sunny adventures with your little one. Summer vacations are a truly magical time, especially if you are traveling with your baby. Just those little toes walking on the sand, leaving their cute footprints or their wondrous expressions at anything and everything, fills us with joy! However, it goes without saying that those summer vacations are not without challenges. This is where SOHII comes in!

Hi, I am Soumya Goel, Co-Founder of SOHII. As a mom myself, I understand those mixed feelings - the excitement, the nervousness, and that “can we pull this off?” question. Yes, it can be a challenge for parents, and it is the source of our inspiration behind the creation of SOHII. We wanted to make those first family adventures easier, both with thoughtfully chosen travel essentials & tips from parents who have been there,

Here, I will be sharing every little nugget of wisdom that I have gained from my own personal experiences. Hopefully, they will prove to be as useful to you as they were to me!

Choosing Your Summer Paradise

The very first step in planning your summer adventure is deciding where those tiny toes will explore! You naturally have to take into account your little angel before making those bookings. Here are some things you need to consider:

      • The age of your little one and their development plays a crucial role in choosing your summer vacation. For younger babies, short, familiar car tips might be easier than long flights. And even if your little superhero is slightly older, they may still benefit from destinations with kid-friendly amenities
      • Do a climate check of places where you will go on an adventure. Make sure that it is suitable for your baby
      • Choose destinations that are focused on family. Look for destinations that have stroller-friendly paths, baby pools, play areas, etc. These might be little things, but they can make a whole load of difference

Packing For The Trip

Now that you have chosen the place for your summer adventure, it is time to focus on what to take with you on the trip - and yes, it can be a challenging task. The trick is to think of packing for a summer trip as an exercise. Naturally, you will need to pack the essentials with you, but you should pack a couple of “wild cards” items that will save the day. Here are items that I would recommend -

The Essentials - Items You Can’t Do Without

      • Wipes, suitable for travel - for sticky fingers, messy faces & even impromptu diaper changes
      • Baby-Safe Sunscreen & other sun protection gear
      • Portable First-Aid Kit
      • Diapering Supplies; you can go with swim diapers that will double as shorts
      • A collapsible stroller or even a MiniMeis carrier
      • Don’t forget to pack your baby’s favorite blanket
      • Small, engaging toys that will keep baby occupied without taking up much space

Other Items I would recommend

      • A portable seat for toddlers
      • A baby-friendly insect repellent, especially if you are traveling to a warmer climate
      • Pacifiers

Some “Wild Cards” for your travel

      • Maybe add portable black curtains, as many hotel rooms don’t provide true darkness. This is something that can help your baby nap better, even in unfamiliar spaces
      • Pack some sensory toys with different textures, sounds, and light-up features to keep your little angel engaged
      • Consider adding a travel-sized laundry detergent for handwashing spills or messes
      • Add a small treat for yourself; pack your favorite snack - a little something that will make your trip even better. Don’t forget, it is a vacation for you as well

Tips for Smooth Travels

Finally, here are some tips that I would like to share with my fellow parents.

Timing is Everything

Try to plan your flights, drives, and even outings around your baby’s nap time whenever possible. A well-rested baby is a happier baby, making this adventure enjoyable for both of you!

Embrace Flexibility

Just accept that you can’t stick to a schedule, and cover everything on your travels. Even the best-laid plans need adjustments, especially if there is a baby on the board. Be prepared to roll with the punches.

Soothing Strategies

I always recommend parents have a few tricks up their sleeves when dealing with fussy babies. You can distract them with their favorite new born baby toys or a favorite snack. Additionally, you can also play a comforting song, which will go a long way in calming your little one.

Distraction is Key

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple redirection. You only need to point out an interesting sight, and your little one will become mesmerized by it. You can also play a silly game of peek-a-boo or sing a song to keep your little one engaged & entertained while traveling.

Your Summer Adventures Await!

Summer vacations with your baby are a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime! Yes, there may be messy moments, unexpected detours, and a few messy outbursts (okay, maybe more than a few!). But with the right planning and a little help from SOHII products, you can navigate those sunshine-filled days with confidence and create truly magical moments!


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